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[FIX] ERROR Internal navigation rejected cannot access other urls - Cordova iOS

Make sure that your config.xml whitelist is ok

<allow-navigation href="http://*" />  <allow-intent href="http://*/*" /> 
 Those tags must be set. Specify your url to restrict the navigation.


cordova clean and then
cordova build ios
Make sure that you have a provisioning profile when building otherwise the app will be stuck after the splash screen.

It's preferable to build on xcode AFTER runnin  "cordova build ios" since cordova will reparse your main xml. Avoid the modification of the xml for the specific platform and remember to backup your files before doing anything.

[FIX] - iPhone project’s minimum deployment target

When we try to run the iOS app on an older device we can get such info.
From the xcode project info we can change the setting but the problem (that's what happened for me) will persist.

To lower the development target we need to change
build.xcconfig located in

for esample I added


Now xCode 7.3 runs without problems my app (sdk ios 9) the application on iphone 4 with iOS 7.1.2.
In my case it's a cordova project without particular plugins.

The xCode generated error:
iPhone runs iOS 7.1.2, which is lower than app's minimum deployment target. Change your project’s minimum deployment target or upgrade iPhone di businessweb’s version of iOS.

Fix: Error Parse Generalized time, invalid offset

When you get this error while signing or listing the data from keystore the problem can be, as happened for me, that you have the wrong time set if compared to the keys in the store or you have generated a key with a lot of days (ex. -validity 1000000000).
Check the time/date settings on your system including bios (just to be sure that your time will be ok also after rebooting).
Create your keystore (backup anything if you don't know what you are doing) again with a common validity. Usually it should be 365 or less but you can also use 3650 (10 years?).

Error keytool: Parse Generalized time, invalid offset